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We are excited to announce that we are publishing a first edition of the Elgar Encyclopedia of Cross-Cultural Management, edited by Audra I Mockaitis and Lena Zander. This is an opportunity for our community of scholars to develop a key reference on the field in its entirety. 

We are seeking contributions on various topics in the field of cross-cultural management.

The Encyclopedia will contain entries describing key theories, concepts, methods, and empirical contributions in the field of Cross-Cultural Management. Entries are 1000-4000 words in length, depending on the subject, including references. Shorter entries should not exceed 2500 words. Longer entries discussing major works, paradigms, theories, etc., should not exceed 4000 words. 

The target audiences for the Encyclopedia are researchers, academics, students, policymakers, and practitioners. The Encyclopedia will provide easily accessible entries that will enable users to understand key concepts and contributions in the field. Thus, entries should be written with an academic audience in mind, in a reader-friendly, accessible way with a maximum of 10 references only.

If you are interested in contributing, please respond to this call by email with a brief description of your proposed entry. Please see general guidelines below with a list of topics already submitted to avoid duplication; we welcome additional suggestions. We will respond to your email with more detailed guidelines.

Draft submissions will be accepted until February 24, 2023 (earlier submissions are welcome), and final submissions expected by March 31, 2023.

We hope that you find the prospect of contributing to this Encyclopedia with the ambition of becoming a key reference for scholars, students, and practitioners exciting and would like to join us in this project. We would be delighted to work with you on this important work.

With kind regards from the Editors Audra I Mockaitis ( and Lena Zander (


Each entry will reflect the views of an expert and authoritative author, and will be formatted as follows:

  1. Start the entry with a short definition and overview of the term/theory/concept based on research (What does it mean?).
  2. The body of the text should provide a motivation for the importance of the topic and how it has been applied in contemporary research (Why is it important? How has it evolved? What are the debates/controversies? Perhaps there is less research on the topic today, but it has informed the field historically in important ways).
  3. Where relevant, include a short description of current trends and developments (Where are we heading?).
  4. Suggested cross references (Provide at least two to three related terms for the purposes of cross referencing).
  5. Suggested keywords for indexing purposes (These may also include key authors in the field if the topic is attributable to them directly).

CURRENT TOPICS (contributors should suggest additional topics to these):

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