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Kumpikaite-Valiuniene, V., Liubiniene, V., Zickute, I., Duobiene, J., Mockaitis, A.I., & Mihi-Ramirez, A. (2021). Migration Culture: A Comparative Perspective. Springer. ISBN 978-3-030-73013-0. Read more about this title here.

Zander, L., Kang, O., Mockaitis, A.I., & Zettinig, P. (2021). Creativity and trust in geographically dispersed teams: Implications for leadership in times of crisis. In: J.Hassler & T.Fang (Eds.) Globalization, Political Economy, Business and Society in Pandemic Times. Emerald Publishing.

Zander, L., Mockaitis, A.I., Harzing, A.W. et al. (2020). Action intent: Getting closer to leadership behavior in 22 countries. In: L.Zander (Ed.) Research handbook of global leadership: making a difference. Cheltenham, U.K: Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, pp.54-75.

Butler, C., Sutton, C., Mockaitis, A.I., & Zander, L. (2020). The new Millennial global leaders: What a difference a generation makes! In: L.Zander (Ed.) Research handbook of global leadership: making a difference. Cheltenham, U.K: Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, pp.141-163.

Zettinig, P., Zander, U., Zander, L., & Mockaitis, A.I. (2020). A world of learning: The future of management education based on academia and practitioner universitas. In: L. Zander (Ed.) Research handbook of global leadership: making a difference. Cheltenham, U.K: Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, pp.393-407.

Mäkelä, L., De Cieri, H., & Mockaitis, A.I.(2015). International Business Traveler, Is Work Always on Your Mind? An Investigation of the Relationship Between Sources of Social Support and Satisfaction with Work-Related International Travel: The Moderating Role of Over-Commitment. In: Liisa Mäkelä and Vesa Suutari (Eds.), Work and Family Interface in the International Career Context, Springer International Publishing, pp. 181-195.

Zander, L., Butler, C., Mockaitis, A.I., Herbert, K., Lauring, J., Mäkelä, K., Paunova, M., & Zettinig, P. (2015). Team-Based Global Organizations: The Future of Global Organizing. In: Verbeke, A., van Tulder, R., & Drogendijk, R. (Eds.), The Future of Global Organizing. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Zander, L., Mockaitis, A.I., & Butler, C. Leading Global Teams. (2015). In: G.R. Hickman (Ed.). Leading Organizations: Perspectives for a New Era. Sage, pp. 246-267.

Zettinig, P., Mockaitis, A.I., & Zander, L. (2014). Students as Global Virtual Team Leaders: A Model for Inquiry-Based Experiential Learning. In: Vas Taras and Maria Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez (Eds.), The Palgrave Handbook of Experiential Learning in International Business, Palgrave Macmillan.

Mockaitis, A.I., and Bahl, M. (2014). Country Choice of Manufacturing SMEs in Central and Eastern Europe: The Importance of Foreign Partner Relations and Level of Market Entry. In: Mai Thi Thanh Thai and Ekaterina Turkina (Eds.), Internationalization of Firms from Economies in Transition: The Effects of a Politico‐Economic Paradigm Shift, Edward Elgar.

Mockaitis, A.I. (2009). Differences in Culture. Chapter 3 of Dowling, P., Liesch, P., Gray, S. and Hill, C.W.  International Business: Asia-Pacific Edition. Australia: McGraw Hill.

Mockaitis, A. (2008). The path to internationalisation of Lithuanian manufacturing SMEs. In Dana, L-P., Han, M., Ratten, V. and Welpe, I. (Eds.), Handbook Of Research On European Business And Entrepreneurship: Towards a Theory of Internationalization. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Salciuviene, L., Mockaitis, A.I. and Virvilaite, R. (2006). Measuring Brand Image Dimensionality: A Cross-Cultural Study of Consumer Values and Preferences. In Intercultural Communication Competencies in Higher Management and Education, Singapore: Marshall Cavendish, pp.337-352.

Mockaitis, A.I. (2005). When West Meets East: Culture Contrasts and Business Challenges in the Baltic Sea Region. In: Gicquel, C.F., Makarov, V. and Zolkos, M (eds.). The Challenge of Mobility in the Baltic Sea Region, Berlin, Berliner Wissenschaftsverlag.

Pranulis, V. and A.I.Mockaitis (2005). The Internationalization of Business Education in Lithuania: The Vilnius University Master Program in International Business. In: Alon, I. And McIntyre, J. (eds.). Business and Management Education in Transitioning and Developing Countries, New York, ME Sharpe.

Mockaitis, A.I. (2004). Tarpkultūrinis valdymas:Testai, užduotys, pratimai. Vilnius University Publishing House. ISBN: 9968-19-650-7.

Mockaitis, A.I. and V.Giedraitis (eds.) (2004). Catalysts and impediments of economic development in Central and Eastern Europe: Conference abstracts. Vilnius University Publishing House. ISBN: 9968-19-664-7.

Mockaitis, A.I. (ed.) (2002). Marketing theories and methods. Proceedings of the 4th international conference, April 25-26, 2002. ISBN: 9986-19-516-0


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