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In the media

On Teaching

An article in the Irish Times about some of the benefits of online teaching and learning (yes, there are many!).

On COVID-19 related research


An article in about how millennials are coping during the pandemic.

“MILLENIALS ARE FEELING significantly more burnt out during the Covid-19 pandemic than other generations, according to a new study from Maynooth University.

The research, carried out with Kingston University in London, suggests that millenials are finding some elements of the pandemic much harder to cope with than other age groups.”

Also on the Maynooth University website.

On Lithuanian identity and culture


An article on some preliminary results in the online magazine “Lietuvė”.


An interview for the quarterly magazine “Lietuvė”.


An interview with “Lietuvos žinios” newspaper.


An interview with “Pasaulio lietuvis” magazine.


An article on my study in the Lithuanian online daily,


An interview with “Tiesa” newspaper.


An interview for “” about my worldwide study on Lithuanian identity.

On leading global teams


About my research on global teams in the Monash University News portal.

“Effective global leaders are also able to blend individual and group expectations. The use of different leadership modes, such as paired, rotated or shared leadership, rather than just resorting to the standard single team leader option, could be applied strategically, not just to manage cultural differences, but to actually leverage them.”

On the opinions of junior faculty in Lithuania


A study I initiated on the opinions and future intentions of young academics in Lithuania

In the Lithuanian Delfi information portal, 2006-01-06.


“74 proc. jaunų mokslininkų teigė, jog išvyktų iš Lietuvos gavę darbo pasiūlymą užsienyje. Tik 16 proc. atsakė, kad tikrai neketina dirbti užsienyje, sakoma Lietuvos jaunųjų mokslininkų sąjungos pranešime.”

In the Lithuanian weekly Veidas, 2006-01-19.

On my teaching


Highlights from my Introduction to Marketing course at Vilnius University.

A review of the student festival Ideja 2005, which I initiated as part of my Introduction to Marketing course in 2004. Go to the festival website.

On being an expatriate in Lithuania


On my impressions of Lithuania as an expatriate

An interview for the Lithuanian weekly InfoTiltas, Nr 40 (138), 2005.

On Lithuanian educational reform


An interview for the student newspaper Studentuera.

My thoughts about Lithuanian educational reform in an interview for the Lithuanian student newspaper Studentuera, following mass student demonstrations in Vilnius in October.

 On Lithuanian student emigration


About Lithuanian results from a study initiated by A.W.Harzing

An interview for the student newspaper Studentuera, 2005-10-30


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