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Mockaitis, A.I., Butler, C.L., & Ojo, A. (2022). COVID-19 pandemic disruptions to working lives: A multilevel examination of impacts across career stages. Journal of Vocational Behavior,

Ralston, D.A., et al. (2022). Are societal-level values still relevant measures in the twenty-first century businessworld? A 39-society analysis. Asia Pacific Journal of Management,

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Ralston, D.A., Egri, C.P., Furrer, O., Mockaitis, A.I. et al.(2014).  Societal-Level Versus Individual-Level Predictions of Ethical Behavior: A 48-Society Study of Collectivism and Individualism. Journal of Business Ethics, 122: 283-306.

Herbert, K., Mockaitis, A.I., and Zander, L.(2014). An Opportunity for East and West to Share Leadership: A Multicultural Analysis of Shared Leadership Preferences in Global Teams. Asian Business & Management, 13 (3): 257-282.

Mockaitis, A.I., Salciuviene, L., and Ghauri, P. (2013). On What Do Consumer Product Preferences Depend? Determining Domestic versus Foreign Product preferences in an Emerging Market Economy. Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 25 (3): 166-180.

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Mockaitis, A.I., E.L.Rose and P.Zettinig. (2012). The Power of Individual Cultural Values in Global Virtual Teams. International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management, 12 (2): 193-210.

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Harzing, A.W., with Baldueza, J., Barner-Rasmussen, W., Barzantny, C., Canabal, A., Davila, A., Espejo, A., Ferreira, R., Giroud, A., Koester, K., Liang, Y.K., Mockaitis, A.I., Morley, M.J., Myloni, B., Odusanya, J., O’Sullivan, S.L., Palaniappan, A.K., Prochno, P., Roy Choudhury, S., Saka, A., Siengthai, S., Viswat, L., Uzuncarsili Soydas, A., Zander, L. Harzing, A.W.K. & country collaborators (2010). What’s in a Name? Cross Country Differences in Preferred Ways of Address for University Teachers. AIB Insights, vol. 10, No. 3, pp. 3-8.

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