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Lithuanian Culture and Identity: A Worldwide Study

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Participation in this study is now closed. Thanks to all who have shared their views!

I am currently conducting a study at Monash University (Australia) on the Values and Identities of Lithuanians worldwide.

What shapes Lithuanian identity? How is Lithuanian identity changing? Does it depend on where we live? Is there a single Lithuanian culture? Are native-born speakers of Lithuanian different from bilingual Lithuanians? Do we share the same understandings and cultural values?

If you are a native, first or second generation foreign-born Lithuanian, join a study to help find answers to these questions and more. Help us learn what it means to be Lithuanian, and whether this differs depending on where we were born and where we live.

There have been few academic studies on Lithuanian culture to date. In 2002 I conducted the very first study on Lithuanian national cultural values, including Lithuania in world databases on culture and enabling comparisons between Lithuania and other cultures around the world.  Almost two decades later, we can see the Lithuanian cultural landscape changing – we see more emigration, more interaction with other cultures, and rapid westernization of Lithuanian youth. But do these changes have an impact on Lithuanian culture, and in what ways? Where are we the same and how are we different?


If you answered “YES” to any of these questions and are over 18 years old, we are interested in your views!  Please join this study by answering an online questionnaire.  The responses are anonymous, all data will be aggregated and will not be linked to you personally.

This study has been approved by the Monash University Human Ethics Committee, Approval Nr 11218.

For further information or inquiries, please contact Associate Professor Audra I. Mockaitis by email: I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the study.

You can read my interview about the study for here.

Participation in this study is now closed. Thanks to all who have shared their views!


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