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Disrupted: Remote Work and Life under Lockdown during the Great COVID-19 Pause


*** This study is now closed. You can access some preliminary results here.

An invitation to all working adults to participate in a study about remote working…

Life as we know it has been turned upside down for many of us.  We’ve moved online to work, play, exercise, and be with family and friends, who might be scattered around the globe. What has this great disruption done to the balance in our lives?  In “normal” times, there was a growing concern for well-being at work and the balance between work and the rest of our lives. Widely reported societal and technological changes around the globe had been leading to new ways of working, resulting in longer working hours, a blurring of the boundary between work and personal life, and increases in general stress, loneliness, and mental health issues more generally.

We would like your help in completing our survey into the impact that the current COVID-19 disruption is having on the changing balance of remote working and the rest of our lives. Our survey has received ethics approval from Maynooth University School of Business.

If the direct link to the survey does not work, please copy and paste this link into your browser:

Thank you and stay healthy and safe!

The research team

Professor Audra I Mockaitis, Maynooth University School of Business

Dr. Christina L Butler, Kingston Business School

and Garima Verma, Maynooth University School of Business

Some Helpful UK/Irish Resources – Many more are available worldwide by searching online.


Mental Health


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