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Migration Culture: A Comparative Perspective

Our new study on migration with a focus on countries that have a long or impactful history of migration has been published!

I am pleased to have collaborated with a group of authors of a new book, Migration Culture: A Comparative Perspective. We analyze the emergence of migration cultures at a societal level. Why are some societies more mobile and characterized by more deeply-rooted migration traditions than others? We suggest that environmental and institutional factors, and the evolution of societal-level values throughout certain periods in a country’s history, in combination, explain why migration in these societies becomes enmeshed with culture and in itself becomes a value. 

More information about this publication can be found on the publisher’s website here.


Kumpikaite-Valiuniene, V., Liubiniene, V., Zickute, I., Duobiene, J., Mockaitis, A.I., & Mihi-Ramirez, A. (2021). Migration Culture: A Comparative Perspective. Cham, Switzerland: Springer.

ISBN 978-3-030-73013-0

ISBN 978-3-030-73014-7 (eBook)

Making a difference through global leadership

I am pleased to be a part of a recently published book, the Research Handbook of Global Leadership: Making a Difference (Lena Zander, Ed.).  The book’s publication is timely, as leadership in these uncertain times becomes ever more important. Many international organizations are and will be facing numerous challenges and will need to develop  new strategies, skills and ways to overcome them. More than ever before true leadership will need to include skills to navigate an uncertain landscape, while simultaneously demonstrating compassion, inclusivity,  social consciousness, and responsibility across an even greater number of boundaries and contexts.

I have contributed to three chapters in this book. In Chapter 4, Action intent: Getting closer to leadership behavior in 22 countries,  23 authors examine how leaders make the choices they do in a study of 1,868 leaders worldwide. In Chapter 9, The new Millennial global leaders: What a difference a generation makes!, Butler, Sutton, Mockaitis and Zander examine inter-generational workplace relations, the characteristics of millennial generation employees and the future of work and global leadership facing this generation. In Chapter 24, A world of learning: The future of management education based on academia and practitioner universitas, Zettinig, Zander, Zander and Mockaitis discuss the future of management education, especially the way current and future leaders are “trained” to acquire standardized skill sets and offer some ideas for enhancing the relevance of leadership learning.

All of the book’s 25 chapters, by renowned scholars in the field, add to the global leadership domain by offering novel insights into “making a difference.”

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